Volvo Penta has introduced a new generation of power plants D4 and D6

Volvo Penta has introduced a new generation of power plants D4 and D6

June 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The main objectives in the development of steel are reducing fuel consumption, increasing power and improving environmental performance. Emphasize the lower maintenance costs.

The average power increase, among all modifications, was 10%, fuel consumption was reduced by an average of 7.0%, and maintenance costs were reduced by a third.

Installations D4 built on the basis of 3.7-liter units. The variation in power is large, it is, depending on the modification, 150 – 320 hp At the heart of the Volvo Penta D6 are 5.5 liter blocks. Maximum power reaches 480 hp All installations are combined, both with speakers (IPS versions) and with DPI Aquamatic drives.

The list of improvements is considerable, it includes many improvements in the fuel system, turbocharging and mechanical superchargers. Engines received new block heads and pistons. The crankshaft is reinforced.

The reduction in maintenance costs is explained by the increase in service intervals and the simplification of operations for the replacement of consumable items.

Major improvements were made to dual-screw systems, which received a new hydraulic clutch for quiet and inconspicuous switching ranges. Also adapted to work at low speeds while maneuvering in a confined space.

D4 and D6 received a new version of the Electronic Vessel Control System (EVC2.0), the first version of which appeared in 2003. A simplified wiring diagram and the possibility of remote control are provided.

There are cosmetic improvements: instead of a matte black color trim control unit, joystick and screen frame, now matte gray.