Volvo opens a factory in Sweden

Volvo opens a factory in Sweden

April 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On Monday, April 20, Volvo Cars will resume production at a plant in Torsland, Sweden, after a short downtime associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Swedish automaker notes that during negotiations with the trade unions it was possible to come to a decision to also withdraw part of the head office staff. Both the plant and the offices have been prepared in recent weeks so that people can return to work without jeopardizing their health.

A constant, close dialogue with all partners and suppliers is aimed at ensuring continuous production against the background of an ongoing but reducing supply chain disruption. The production volumes of the enterprise in Torsland will be adjusted taking into account market demand, as well as existing orders.

“We are responsible to our employees and our suppliers for the resumption of work now, when the situation allows it. The best we can do to help society is find ways to restart the company in a safe way, thereby preserving the health of people and their work, ”said Hokan Samuelsson, executive director of the brand.

Before returning staff on Monday, all facilities were thoroughly disinfected, and voluntary temperature and heart rate checks will be carried out at the main entrances.

As for other sites in the Volvo Cars global production network, a plant in Ghent, Belgium will also be open on Monday, April 20, but its production capacity will be reduced. The company is currently planning to reopen its South Carolina plant in the United States on Monday, May 11th.

The Schövde engine plant in Sweden, and the body component plant in Olofström, Sweden, will continue to adjust their work on a weekly basis and adapt to the needs of other plants.

Volvo Cars will continue to use the support package introduced by the Swedish government earlier this year, which means a continuous reduction in working hours for most employees.