Volvo is considering about XC50 Coupe

Volvo is considering about XC50 Coupe

February 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Swedish brand wants to follow the example of its German competitors and build its own coupe-like SUV.

Volvo continues to fully update the model line, considering options for further expansion, for example, in the SUV segment. Judging by the latest reports, the Swedes are studying the possibility of issuing an opponent for the Bavarian BMW X2, which would be placed in the line between the XC40 and XC60. As it was already possible to guess, the model would have entered the market under the name XC50.

According to the publication of AutoExpress, the XC50 can enter the market after 2020. Like all Volvo models that will appear after 2019, the XC50 will be electrified and will be the first cross-coupe in the brand’s history. After its release, the line of crossovers Volvo will include four models – XC90, XC60, XC50 and XC40.

“We covered 98% of all segments, so, most likely, further we will go deeper, not wider,” – said senior vice president of the European branch of Volvo Lex Kersemakers in an interview with the publication. As for the timing of the Volvo XC50, he said: “maybe, but not in the short term.”

It sounds insecure, but Volvo has already registered the XC50 trademark, and this can indirectly confirm that the management has already given the green light to the cross-coupe. However, before that Volvo will present the sedan S60 later this year, and then there are plans for the V40.

The latest innovation of the company was the Volvo V60 wagon, presented just a few days ago.