Volvo introduced its first electric truck

Volvo introduced its first electric truck

April 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo declassified its first truck with an electric power plant called FL Electric. In the very near future the car will be used to collect garbage in Gothenburg. Sales and mass production of the new model will begin in Europe next year.

The truck weighs about 16 tons. And can travel 300 kilometers without recharging. The electric motor develops a torque of up to 425 Nm. The maximum torque of the rear axle is 16 kNm. The engine works in conjunction with a two-speed gearbox. Rapid charging from DC takes only 1-2 hours. Also the driver is available night charging, which lasts up to 10 hours (from AC).

The company explained that an electric truck that does not throw exhaust gases into the atmosphere can be used in closed terminals and nature protection zones. At the same low noise level allows to carry out a greater volume of traffic at night, which will reduce traffic congestion during the day.

Also, Volvo and the Swedish waste recycling company Renovo have already started testing the garbage truck with automatic control systems. The UAV is built on the basis of the Volvo FM 330 truck, which was equipped with a GPS-navigator, a sensor system and an optical rangefinder LiDAR.