Volvo has been investigating car accidents for half a century

Volvo has been investigating car accidents for half a century

October 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo’s Accident Investigation Team has been operating since 1970, one might say, as the automaker’s own CSI division. Their mission is to be always ready and help the Swedish brand learn from real accidents in order to improve their cars.

Every time a Volvo crash occurs around Gothenburg, Sweden, the team arrives and begins an investigation, documenting their findings in detail. Upon arriving at the crash site, they begin by asking questions such as, “How bad was the collision?” “How quickly did the active safety systems go off?” “How are the passengers?” – then they look at the weather, time of day, the state of the road markings, and so on.

“The hard work and research of the crash investigation team makes Volvo Cars convinced that a tragedy of road accidents can lead to something good: even safer cars,” said Malin Ekholm, head of the Volvo Safety Center. “By carefully analyzing what happened at each stage of the accident, the team provides important insights into what can be improved in our vehicles.”

The team then returns to headquarters and starts contacting the driver to gain access to the vehicle and inspect it. They also request publicly available police data and reports. The team then tries to figure out how the driver got into the accident, and this is where Volvo’s behavior experts come in.

Finally, they study medical records, and experts in biomechanics and physics analyze the consequences of the accident. Volvo’s Accident Investigation Team personally reviews about 30-50 accidents each year, but also enlists the assistance of other personnel and emergency services closer to the scene to deal with incidents around the world.