Volvo creates its own batteries for electric cars

Volvo creates its own batteries for electric cars

March 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Currently, batteries in Volvo hybrids are custom-made by LG Chem. The company is one of the main suppliers for a large number of car manufacturers, including Tesla.

The battery is the most expensive component of an electric car. For a car manufacturer that has built its reputation on security, being able to integrate it on its own without relying on third parties is paramount. The XC40 started out as a gas-powered car, and the company had to make major changes to make it as safe as Volvo should be.

In the future, most of the company’s proposals will be electrified with the goal of making 50% of its global sales of battery electric vehicles by 2025.

Like Tesla, Volvo will use the data exchanged between customers driving their cars. Based on this, the automaker will tune its software to increase the efficiency of its vehicles, and then send this updated software to an electrified Volvo.

The automaker has invested $ 60 million in a battery manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo is currently conducting rigorous testing of its packages and modules.