Volvo cars will be made from fishing nets and old bottles

Volvo cars will be made from fishing nets and old bottles

June 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Since 2025, every new Volvo car will be a quarter of the recycled plastic. To demonstrate the possibility of extensive use of environmentally friendly materials in the car, the company has built a special version of the XC60 T8 crossover.

In the special series Volvo XC60, the central tunnel is made from recycled fibers of discarded fishing nets and ropes, and car mats are made of a material based on bottles of thermoplastic and cutting old old cotton products.

For the seats, too, the fibers of thermoplastic bottles were used, and for the sound-absorbing upholstery of the hood, the material obtained after recycling the seats of old Volvo cars.

The premiere of the “redesigned” Volvo XC60 took place at the World Summit on the World Ocean, which was held during one of the stops of the round-the-world regatta Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg.

Previously, Volvo made a special version of the versatile V90 Cross Country, for which the cabin used a material called “ecolon”. It is made from recycled nylon, including discarded fishing nets raised from the seabed. This version was sold in 30 markets. From each car sold, the manufacturer donated 100 euros in favor of a scientific program that deals with the pollution of the oceans with plastic waste.