Volvo calls for UN global road safety

Volvo calls for UN global road safety

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo has traditionally positioned itself as a brand that strives for the safety of road users. In this context, Volvo encourages UN members to take a global approach to road safety.

Over the years, we have heard a sufficient number of high-profile statements from Sweden and have seen inventions created for road safety. One recent example is Volvo’s announcement that in 2020 “no one will die in Volvo.” Despite some nuances, the brand continues to strive for a safer future. Therefore, the company intends to advocate a pan-European approach to road safety at the upcoming WHO Summit on Road Safety in Sweden.

According to Volvo representatives, accumulated knowledge about road safety needs to be shared with UN member states. In particular, developing countries need to be advised on legislation on seat belt use and infrastructure. The separation of motorized traffic and vulnerable road users, for example, often lags behind in developing countries. According to Volvo, great experience can be shared in this area.

Moreover, the Swedish company is ready to play the role of a consultant and, together with UN member states, look for ways to adapt national legislation and infrastructure to ensure road safety.

The third global ministerial conference on road safety, organized by Sweden and WHO, will be organized this week in Stockholm. At the conference, delegates from more than 80 UN member states will discuss the future strategic direction of global road safety until 2030 and beyond.