Volvo began testing autonomous dump trucks

Volvo began testing autonomous dump trucks

September 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

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Within 10 weeks, the Volvo dump trucks will operate on the territory of the Vikan-Cross quarry

Volvo Construction Equipment, a company specializing in the development of construction equipment, began testing drones and electric cars on the territory of the Vikan-Cross quarry near Gothenburg. The goal of the 10-week test is to reduce pollutant emissions by 95 percent, and total costs by 25 percent.

The research project, called Electric Site, implies maximum automation of work processes – from extraction and primary crushing of the rock to its transportation. To do this, Volvo and its main customer – Skanska’s construction team will use prototypes of autonomous dump trucks, a cable-driven hybrid excavator and diesel-electric forklift.

Instead of three heavy dump trucks, eight compact HX2 drones equipped with electric motors, a battery and power electronics developed by Volvo Group will operate on the quarry. The machines are also equipped with an artificial vision system that can distinguish obstacles on the road and people.

In addition to dump trucks, the production site will use a 70-ton EX1 excavator, equipped with a diesel-electric power plant. It is operated in the same way as usual, but is connected by cable to the main power system of the quarry. The LX1 loader is 98 percent of the new parts and 50 percent more efficient than the traditional engine.

In May, Volvo Trucks, also part of the Volvo Group, introduced two electric trucks: a 16-ton FL Electric and FE Electric, weighing 27 tons. They are supposed to be used for transportation of waste and heavy loads.