Volkswagen’s lights will learn to “draw” characters on the road

Volkswagen’s lights will learn to “draw” characters on the road

October 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company introduced the LED lighting of the future

Volkswagen introduced a prototype of the lighting technology of the future. It can “draw” symbols on the asphalt and display warnings to other road users on the lamps themselves.

One of the new developments of Volkswagen is LED headlamps in which 30,000 light points-pixels are used. They allow you to project on the asphalt various images, for example, lines that will remind the driver about the dimensions of the car or highlight any obstacle.

A similar technology was shown at the beginning of the year by Mercedes. New headlights can project warning signs onto the road: speed limit signs and road works areas, and indicate the distance to the vehicle in front or the pedestrian’s location.

The second novelty of Volkswagen is the matrix LED lights, which, like the headlights, can “draw” lines on the road, the dimensions of the car and the parking path. In addition, using a mobile application on the lights, you can display any image. They will also warn cars going in the rear about danger. In the case of electric cars, the lanterns will show the owner the degree of battery charging.

When exactly such light engineering can appear on serial cars, it is not specified yet.