Volkswagen’s first electric car will cost Golf

Volkswagen’s first electric car will cost Golf

March 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen Corporation has announced the price of its own debut serial electric ID.3 car. The cost of a standard variation of a new product with autonomy of 330 km will be 23,430 euros

Approximately, at this price in the German car market they offer the new Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation. His version of Life (first appeared on the market) is currently sold at a price of 27 510 euros, and the cheapest modification, which has a minimum optional package, can be purchased for 20 thousand euros.

ID.3 will outperform a simple ICE machine with low maintenance cost. Due to the fact that there is no need to pay a transport tax and change oil, and even the price of electricity is not very high, their owners will be able to save about 840 euros per year.

 The ID.3 electric car, which is based on modular architecture, began to be produced at an enterprise in the German city of Zwickau in November 2019.

┬áThe size of the new model is comparable to the Golf: its length is 4621 mm, width – 1809 mm, and height – 1552 mm. The power reserve of the electric car is provided by batteries located under the floor at 45.58 or 77 kW / h, which can be charged in just 30 minutes.