Volkswagen would like to avoid the fate of Nokia

Volkswagen would like to avoid the fate of Nokia

November 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The concern will stake on software development

The head of the Volkswagen concern said that in order to be successful in the market today, it is necessary not only to make good cars, but to integrate them into the digital ecosystem.

As the head of the Volkswagen Group Herbert Diess said in an interview with Bloomberg, making cars today is only a small part of the business for any brand. To be successful in the market, all new models must be effectively integrated into the digital ecosystem and be constantly connected to the Internet, like smartphones. Transportation of people and goods will soon become only part of the functionality of cars – just as phone calls are no longer the main function of a smartphone, says Diss.

However, Volkswagen would like to avoid the fate of Nokia, which failed to adapt to the new digital reality in time. To do this, the brand intends to develop its own operating system for cars and electric cars – and use it not only within the concern, but also sell it to competitors. Given that Europe, according to Diess, will become the leader in the number of electric vehicles, all this will allow Volkswagen to become one of the most prepared companies for the digital age.