Volkswagen will show a new concept in Paris

Volkswagen will show a new concept in Paris

September 17, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

According to preliminary information, the concept that the Germans promised to show the public in Paris will be a car driven by electric propulsion. Also, unofficial sources that are close to the management of group, claim that the production car based on the concept will not appear earlier than three years.

In fact, the teaser does not show what will be the overall conceptual electric exterior. We only know that its main optics and taillights will be totally LED.

Well, the LED is no surprise, but the concern promise – a novelty will surely attract the attention of motorists, because the car will become a personification of the future – a stylish, aerodynamic, powerful and productive. And all this despite the fact that the car will overcome distances on electric traction.

volkswagen ev concept

As already mentioned, the unconfirmed information, production concept, which is likely to be built on a platform MEB, will not begin until 2019. Recall that this platform is designed exclusively for the construction of vehicles equipped with electric power plants. In addition, the company claimed that this concept, which debuted this year in the French capital, becomes the ancestor of a line of German manufacturer of electric cars.

It is remarkable the fact that some automotive journalists have called electric car gadget on wheels.” As for electric vehicle dimensions, accurate information about them is not reported, it is likely that they will be identical to the dimensions of the famous Volkswagen Golf.

Thus, despite identical dimensions of body, interior of electric vehicle to be spacious, which will please its potential owners who appreciate not only the style and performance, but also comfort.

The manufacturer claims that the minimum cruising range electric concept will be at least 400 kilometers. By the way, representatives of the group do not hide that paid in addition, the buyer will get the car, equipped with more powerful batteries. In this case, the minimum power reserve will be equal to 650 kilometers.

volkswagen ev concept

Recall that in the next nine years on the market will have to be at least six new electric car by Volkswagen production. In addition to electric vehicle, a concept which will soon show in France, the manufacturer plans to launch electric sedan and crossovers.

Under the plan of manufacturer in the coming years, due to auto sales, will have to increase the budget and staff of the Group, which will involve third-party experts in building electric cars. Thus, Volkswagen will soon be able to press on the market of its direct competitors, because the cost of its electric vehicles is expected, would be significantly lower than in the same Tesla.