Volkswagen will pay German car owners a large monetary compensation

Volkswagen will pay German car owners a large monetary compensation

February 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

But the German automaker refuses to pay millions to the lawyers of the victims of Dieselgate.

Volkswagen did not manage to reach an amicable agreement in Germany on a class action lawsuit directly related to the diesel scandal that erupted a few years ago. This is written by the famous German magazine Der Spiegel. According to media reports, the automaker is ready to pay plaintiffs compensation, reaching 830 million euros. Recall, to date, the number of Germans with claims to Volkswagen and defending their rights in court reaches 460 thousand. Lawyers for the victims of Dieselgate did not agree with the proposed amount.

 The brand itself stated that it refused to reach consensus with the Federal Union of the Consumer Protection Society (VZBV) because of the additional 50 million euros that were required as payment for lawyers.

 A class action lawsuit against Volkswagen was filed back in November 2018. It could be joined by all German car owners, who since November 2008 bought Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda or Seat diesel cars with engines like EA189, which fall under the review. Recall that the diesel scandal broke out in 2015, when VW was convicted of fraud with software on their diesel cars. The program could underestimate the performance of harmful substances in exhaust fumes.