Volkswagen will pay another compensation for the victims of Dieselgate

Volkswagen will pay another compensation for the victims of Dieselgate

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Earlier this year, the Dieselgate saga seemed to have reached its end in Germany when Volkswagen and the German Federation of Consumer Organizations (vzbv) reached a settlement of € 830 million ($ 904 million).

Within the framework of this transaction, approximately 260,000 consumers were entitled to receive a compensation package in the amount of 1350 euros (1,470 US dollars) to 6,257 euros (6,817 US dollars), depending on the model and age of the car.

Recall that this transaction did not cover all consumer complaints, as another 60,000 lawsuits are still pending in lower German courts. The Federal Court of Germany, Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), today issued a decision that is likely to serve as a model for the remaining claims.

The country’s supreme court ruled that Volkswagen should redeem cars equipped with striking devices, but consumers should accept the current value of the car based on the distance they traveled from the time they were purchased, rather than the purchase price.

Having learned the verdict, Volkswagen said it would urgently work with the owners under an agreement according to which they would store vehicles for one-time compensation. According to a Volkswagen spokesman, more than 100,000 claims for damages are still pending outside of Germany, of which 90,000 are in the UK.