Volkswagen will pay 620 million euros due to diesel scandal

Volkswagen will pay 620 million euros due to diesel scandal

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen Corporation will pay compensation of 620 million euros for the diesel scandal. These funds will receive approximately 200,000 customers of a German company in Germany.

Each of them will be handed the amount that is equivalent to 15% of the price of the transport they bought, that is, from 1350 to 6250 euros, depending on the model and age of the car.

As the local press informs on Monday, April 20, for the most part these are members of the German Consumer Association, with whom the German automaker was able to negotiate compensation. More than 400,000 European customers have sued the corporation. And the concern is trying to resolve the issue through negotiations.

 The scandal with falsification of information about emissions of diesel power units cost the German automaker more than 30 billion euros. We are talking about fines, buying a car, repair work. According to the representative of the German company, this amount has not yet been paid in full, transfers will continue until 2021. The fines that the carmaker agrees to pay are included in the VW budget.

 It should be noted that the scandal due to fraud with diesel engines flared up in 2015. Then the American government announced that the German corporation specifically underestimated the information on the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases of diesel power plants.