Volkswagen will only sell electric cars in Norway in two years

Volkswagen will only sell electric cars in Norway in two years

October 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As early as next year, the German automaker is going to increase the share of electrified cars in total sales to 90%. By 2023, according to Volkswagen forecasts, the company will be able to completely abandon cars with internal combustion engines in this market.

The local importer of Volkswagen in Norway has announced an interesting forecast: next year, all-electric models will account for 90% of the brand’s sales in Norway, and by 2023 this figure will rise to one hundred percent. Volkswagen sold a record 61.5% of new electric cars in the country in September. These statistics are voiced by Reuters.

As a reminder, Norway plans to become the first country to completely abandon traditional cars. This will happen by 2025. For such a transition, local authorities are doing a lot. So, for example, battery cars are exempt from taxes paid by owners of vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines.

The new VW ID.3 became the best-selling electric car in Norway in September.
He managed to bypass Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2. And this despite the fact that he made his debut only last month. At the same time, VW promises that in the new year the Norwegians will receive a richer line of electric cars.

Earlier it was reported that the new Xpeng P7 sports electric sedan set a new sales record. The demand for this car more than doubled in September, and by the end of the third quarter the figures are even more impressive.