Volkswagen will now recall 124,000 electric cars due to environmental hazards

Volkswagen will now recall 124,000 electric cars due to environmental hazards

August 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Approximately 124,000 electrified vehicles of the Volkswagen concern can be withdrawn because of environmental hazards. This situation is doubly funny due to the fact that electric cars are considered to be the most ecological mode of transport, and are produced by the concern mainly to clear the “conscience” after the diesel scandal.

As it turned out, a dangerous carcinogenic metal – cadmium – was found in all electrified cars sold in Europe. But here it is necessary to recognize that the automaker himself is not to blame, and personally disseminated information about the detected danger.

The cause of the recall was a small detail in the charging system of electric cars and plug-in hybrids. This part falls on cars from an outside supplier, in the documentation of which there is not a single word about cadmium. So, in the details of each car contains 0.008 g of this metal.

But he does not have a direct threat to people or the environment. The detail is hidden deep in the car, and it’s extremely difficult to get to it. But all problems can begin if the rules of recycling are not observed.

According to the company itself, after the detection of harmful metal in the device, the conveyor was stopped, and within a few days another supplier was found, in details of which there are no harmful substances. And only then the conveyor was restarted.

Now the KBA is considering the need for a recall of all electrified cars in Europe, which will affect about 124,000 copies. At the moment, the development of terms and ways to replace the toxic part is being carried out. The problem affected the battery models of the Volkswagen concern, from e-Golf to Passat GTE, including plug-in hybrids from Audi and Porsche brands.

Note that cadmium is a fairly rare metal on our planet, and is mostly scattered almost everywhere, but its content is very small. The average cadmium content in the earth’s crust is 130 mg / t, in sea water 0.11 μg / l. Cadmium and all its compounds are poisonous, and it is also the strongest carcinogen.