Volkswagen will make its logo less “German”

Volkswagen will make its logo less “German”

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The concern is likely to present an updated logo by the end of the year. However, most people will not really notice the difference, and professional designers will talk about significant changes.

According to German publications, Volkswagen is preparing to rejuvenate its logo. Back in April last year, Volkswagen Marketing Director Jochen Sengpil announced that the company’s logo should become more international. VW has always sought to be “too German,” gradually losing emotionality. The update will demonstrate the brand from a new perspective, emphasizing the emphasis on innovation and technology.

The company itself has not yet disclosed details, and may present an updated logo before the end of the year. However, earlier on the web there were photos of the new Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation. Just on it you can already consider the new thing. Judging by the photographs, the lines themselves will become thinner, the letter “W” now does not touch the circle below, and the logo itself has become less voluminous.

However, now many companies are trying to simplify their logo by making it two-dimensional, using a minimum of colors, and removing unnecessary details.