Volkswagen will launch production of ID.3 electric car in Zwickau in November

Volkswagen will launch production of ID.3 electric car in Zwickau in November

September 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker almost prepared the first of two assembly lines at its Zwickau plant in Germany, which was transformed from the production of cars with traditional ICEs into electric cars.

The first battery-electric model to launch in production will be ID.3, the assembly of which will start in November. Currently, the plant employs 8 thousand employees, more than 2.5 thousand of whom have already undergone retraining for the assembly of electric cars. Over the past few months, the plant has installed more than 1.6 thousand production robots and will be able to produce 1,500 cars a day, compared to 1,350 before modernization. From 2021, all major body parts for other vehicles based on the new MEB platform will also be produced here.

“The launch of ID.3 in November will usher in a completely new era for Volkswagen – comparable to the first Beetle or first Golf. The first 400 ID.3 cars are already on test routes throughout Europe. With ID.3, Zwickau will become a true pioneer of electric mobility, ”said Thomas Ulbrich, E-Mobility Board Member.

With the opening of the second assembly line next summer, Zwickau will become the largest electric vehicle factory on the continent. In total, Volkswagen is investing about 1.2 billion euros in the conversion of an object that has already received a cash infusion of 800 million euros. The plant will be responsible for creating 6 models based on the MEB architecture for the three Volkswagen Group brands from 2021.