Volkswagen will create electric versions of classic models

Volkswagen will create electric versions of classic models

July 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

One of these “green” novelties will be the legendary Volkswagen Beetle. The battery version of this model will be renamed e-Beetle.

Volkswagen plans to electrify its car classic, which was very popular at the time. Thus, the EU Intellectual Property Office has an application for registration of the e-Beetle trademark.

It is interesting that the future “Beetle” on electric traction is far from the only such project. Other names await registration: “e-Golf Classic”, “e-Karmann”, “e-Kübel” and “e-Samba”.

Recall that the iconic Volkswagen Beetle left the lineup of the German brand a year ago. The “final” hatchback was produced at a Mexican plant. Then it was reported that the Germans finally said goodbye to the Beetle. Now there is a chance that the model will be revived thanks to the new MEB platform for electric cars. It is the Beetle that will become the debut classic Volkswagen car, which has moved into a new class of environmentally friendly cars.

The production of e-Beetle can be entrusted to the Volkswagen Group Components division, the main specialization of which is batteries.
In 2019, it presented an electric VW Beetle: specialists from eClassics took part in creating a prototype. The show car borrowed its electrical installation from the e-up! Model.