Volkswagen will close the release of the legendary model Golf GTI

Volkswagen will close the release of the legendary model Golf GTI

July 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen auto concern decided to take off the famous Golf GTI hatchback. This model will go down in history due to the entry into force of new standards for testing machines for the amount of harmful emissions of WLTP. At the same time, there are still some modifications of this car in the model line.

On the official website of the brand in Germany already removed from the catalog VW Golf GTI. Among this family of hot-hatches, only the more expensive version of GTI Performance, which has an engine with a capacity of 245 horsepower, is sold for 15 hp more than the standard Golf GTI.

Auto experts suggest that today’s generation of the VW Golf GTI will probably no longer be included in the line, as the eighth generation of the model is scheduled for release in 2019. Therefore, brand representatives are likely to want to concentrate on creating a new generation of hot-hatches, and do not waste time and money on bringing the current Golf GTI into compliance with new legal requirements.

Analysts also believe that a similar story will happen with the technical twin Golf GTI – the Octavia RS model from the Skoda brand.

The new standard for WLTP emissions testing is considered more stringent than the current NEDC until the end of this summer. It includes scenarios that are more approximate to the conditions of actual machine operation.

The standards will be updated from September 1, 2018, together with the new environmental requirements of Euro 6d-Temp. In this regard, world automakers are forced to modernize their models in a very short time so that they meet all the constraints in the near future.

In addition, the Volkswagen brand, in response to new demands, limited the output of another hot-hatch, the Golf R, by 10 horsepower due to the installation of a particulate filter on the engine. Similar events occurred with the Seat Leon Cupra motor.