Volkswagen wants to lead the global electric car market by 2025

Volkswagen wants to lead the global electric car market by 2025

March 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen sold three times more electric moles last year than in the previous reporting period.

The automaker revealed its plans for the future regarding the electrification of the model range on Tuesday, March 16. Volkswagen is set to become the first battery car manufacturer by 2025.

This year, the Germans want to deliver a million environmentally friendly cars, and in the next five years, investments in this industry will reach 46 billion euros: this amount will go to the development of hybrids and electric cars. By 2030, Volkswagen intends to increase its share of electric vehicles among total European sales to 60 percent.

In the meantime, the Germans are waiting for the automotive business to revive after last year’s crisis – this is a program for the current year. The company will then devote all its resources to increasing profitability.

Recall that in order to implement the plan, Volkswagen decided to build six factories in Europe that will produce batteries.

Moreover, they will be located throughout Europe: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, etc. This will help make EVs cheaper.

We will remind, last fall it became known that Volkswagen wants to invest about 73 billion euros in the development of digital technologies, as well as the creation of cars with fully electric and hybrid power plants. And in 10 years, the Germans are going to have time to bring 70 models of electric cars to the market at once. About 20 of them are already ready for assembly line life.

Previously, our portal said that BMW will officially unveil the i4 electric sedan on March 17th. In the meantime, with this model, we can only get acquainted with spy photos of camouflaged test mules.