Volkswagen uses Augmented Reality

Volkswagen uses Augmented Reality

March 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The software was developed on its own and aims to use new technologies for the design of production lines.

The Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is undergoing major changes in preparation for the upcoming onslaught of new electric vehicles. To alleviate the material and technical load, the German manufacturer has developed a new augmented reality tool that allows technicians to see the installations and plans before they appear.

The tool is essentially software that works with a set of goggles. While on the factory floor, workers and technicians can view various parts, equipment and mechanisms that have been developed and created as part of a computer program. This helps prevent problems before anything is physically modified or built. VW claims that one example is the definition of “pinch points between mechanisms and parts that were not previously visible.”

“It helps us make decisions faster and identify potential problems faster.” As we integrate the new models into the existing factory, we need to make sure that our virtual design data matches the reality of the factory, ”Steffan Nunn, Volkswagen Chattanooga digital factory specialist said in a press release.

The introduction of augmented reality in factories was a natural step for the Volkswagen Group, as the company has used virtual reality for years to create factories and vehicles for years. This technology simply takes what was previously seen on the digital screen and transfers it to the “real world”. The program was created by VW staff in about six weeks and will be implemented in many factories over the years. The manufacturer then plans to use it to improve ergonomics and maintenance at the Chattanooga plant.

The Volkswagen Group is one of many manufacturers using this technology that will quickly become the new standard. Porsche uses it in dealerships, and Ford already uses it, for example, for automotive design.