Volkswagen under the brand Jetta will release a similar SEAT Ateca

Volkswagen under the brand Jetta will release a similar SEAT Ateca

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

We are no longer surprised by reports that Chinese manufacturers are copying models of world brands. But it was unexpected when Volkswagen decided to “steal” the design from its own brand and name the model with a new name.

More recently, a new brand from Volkswagen was announced, which received the Jetta name and aims at the most accessible segment of the Chinese market. When the concepts of future models were presented, we were not surprised that the company would produce cars based on past generations of Volkswagen models. It was logical. But on the eve of the future was presented Jetta VS5 crossover, which surprised with its identity with the existing model.

 The presentation of the novelty was held at the Shanghai Motor Show. We understand that the budget segment dictates its own conditions, and to reduce the cost of developing new cars we have to use existing solutions. But if you look at these photos, you can see a 99% similarity of the crossover with SEAT Ateca.

 In fact, the designer was given an almost impossible task – to create a unique design with minimal rework. And it is worth noting that the front part is quite reworked, but the design of the rear part is worked out in less detail.

Of course, the Volkswagen Group is known for its badge exchange. SEAT Toledo used to be a slightly modified Skoda Rapid, while Up !, Citigo and Mii are the same car. But for the new brand it was possible to come up with a more individual design.

Meanwhile, the budget Volkswagen Tharu is sold three times better than Hyundai ix25. This German SUV, which debuted on the Chinese car market, was sold in the first quarter of 2019, exceeding 24.6 thousand copies.