Volkswagen Transporter T7 again in the frame

Volkswagen Transporter T7 again in the frame

June 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen has long been working on a new generation of its main commercial vehicle.

The T7 generation Transporter was re-spotted, again with a heavy trailer hitch. Reworked “T6.1” – Transporter has been with us for a year, but this car heralds the end of the T6 generation. The current Transporter is actually a completely revised T5 and has been operating since 2003, although with some changes.

Unlike the T6, the T7 is a completely new model that is easy to see even through camouflage material. According to the publication, the shape of the van is largely determined by its function, but it received a completely different front part, which immediately makes it clear that the T7 is a completely different car.

The windshield extends surprisingly far down and is surrounded by many large additional side windows in a double front pillar. The glass ends with a short, apparently very smooth “nose”, which can be equipped with LED headlights as standard. The line of glass on the side also seems large, with a smooth and rounded finish, certainly not characteristic of the van.

The almost vertical rear features small horizontal taillights. It is amazing that the Transporter discovered carries a bit more camouflage material than the previously photographed copies. Undoubtedly, as you approach the debut date, part of the film will disappear again.