Volkswagen Touareg equipped with a remote parking system

Volkswagen Touareg equipped with a remote parking system

November 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The flagship SUV of the German brand has received a useful new option, which can be controlled from a smartphone.

Volkswagen Touareg is the first in the model range of the brand to acquire the function of remote parking. It is based on the parking assistance system. Additionally, she gets four cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors at once.

As a result, the Touareg is able to maneuver in a parking lot. You can control this process from an ordinary smartphone – it turns into a kind of remote control. At the same time, the developers offered drivers several scenarios.

In the first, the driver does not have to leave his seat. All he has to do is press “P” on the display. After that, the car will independently find suitable parking spaces: they will be shown on the multimedia screen. The driver will only have to choose the option he likes and use the new function.

The second scenario differs from the first in that the driver can leave the car before parking. This is where a smartphone with a dedicated app comes into play.

In this case, the car owner will need to hold down the “Drive” button on the smartphone. As soon as he stops tapping the screen, the car will stop.