Volkswagen to set up US EV battery development lab

Volkswagen to set up US EV battery development lab

August 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German company announces the expansion of its Chattanooga facility.

According to the press service of the German concern, a laboratory will be created on the basis of the American plant in Chattanooga for the development and testing of batteries and batteries for electric vehicles. In the future, the brand intends to establish production of its own electric vehicles here.

According to Wolfgang Maluche, VP of Engineering at Volkswagen of America, in the future, auto companies will outsource battery development and testing to other firms, and some will focus on in-house development and testing. Volkswagen chose the second path.

Note that Volkswagen announced its intention to start production of batteries and electric vehicles after the scandal with harmful emissions. The company noted that the dieselgate cost them 30 billion euros in fines