Volkswagen to open battery production with Chinese

Volkswagen to open battery production with Chinese

July 22, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Goxuan High-tech will help the German carmaker Volkswagen to launch new factories for the production of batteries for electric vehicles

German automaker Volkswagen will partner with China’s Goxuan High-tech to build new battery factories, says.

In March of this year, the VAG concern announced its plans to build six battery factories. They should be located in Europe, but it was not said in which countries. All of them should be commissioned by 2030.

Now Volkswagen has finally announced its partner in the face of the Chinese technology company Goxuan High-tech. He will help the Germans build the first battery plant in Germany. In addition, within the framework of cooperation, the Chinese will help VAG in the development of new generation batteries.

The city for the location of the battery plant has already been selected. It will be located in Salzgitter. According to media reports, this plant will only produce batteries for budget electric vehicles. Design, equipment and manufacturing issues will fall on the shoulders of our Chinese partners. According to the plan, the launch of production should take place in 2025.

Recall that Volkswagen bought out 26 percent of the shares of Goxuan High-tech, thereby becoming its largest shareholder. Then the newly minted partners reported that they would try to enter the top three leaders in the production of batteries. Note that now the South Korean company LG Energy Solution and the Chinese CATL have already occupied the first two places, between which there is a fierce struggle for leadership in the world.