Volkswagen Tiguan became Europe’s best-selling crossover

Volkswagen Tiguan became Europe’s best-selling crossover

November 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This compact cross demonstrated the greatest positive dynamics in his native Germany.

The compact crossover Volkswagen Tiguan at the end of October took first place in sales in the SUV segment. In addition, the sympathy of the Europeans helped the German compact cross to get into the TOP-5 of the most popular models in the Old World. Not surprisingly, sales of the new best-selling SUV segment were most noticeable in the German car market. About this writes the analytical agency JATO Dynamics. The title of European bestseller once again gets the Volkswagen Golf. Last month, this model sold 34 362 cars (6.4% increase in demand).

 The second, despite the negative dynamics exceeding 17%, is Renault Clio, and another “German” – Volkswagen Polo closes the top three. In the reporting month, its European sales “dipped” by 7.8% to 19,225 copies.

 Fourth place with a score of 18,919 cars (-9.5%) goes to Ford Fiesta. The last vacant place in the TOP 5 is Volkswagen Tiguan, where 18,543 buyers (+ 22.1%) chose their choice. The top ten most sought-after cars in Europe also included Toyota Yaris (18,280 units), Renault Captur (17,850 units), Peugeot 208 (17,746 units), Citroen C3 (17,698 units) and Skoda Octavia (17,608 units)