Volkswagen thought about updating the ID3 model

Volkswagen thought about updating the ID3 model

October 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen CEO Frank Welch shared his thoughts on what path a car could take.

The German automaker Volkswagen recently presented the serial version of the car ID 3. But now the company is thinking about how to refine and improve the new product. The main issue remains the power reserve of the car. At the moment, in the maximum configuration, ID 3 can travel about 500 km without recharging. Such an indicator is competitive today, but the rapid development of the electric car market constantly leads to an increase in this parameter. According to the head and engineer of Volkswagen, the company does not plan to increase the power reserve due to the large dimensions of the battery. This approach will lead to a significant increase in value.

Therefore, at the moment, the company plans to work on increasing the battery density, which in turn will lead to an increase in the power reserve.

┬áThe company also said that after the update, ID 3 will be an example of the fact that electric cars in many respects will be better than classic ones with ICE. Within five years, the “charged” version of ID 3 with the R index will enter the market. The electric car will have all-wheel drive, and the dynamics of the car should be better than that of the Golf GTI.