Volkswagen tests updated Tiguan 2021

Volkswagen tests updated Tiguan 2021

February 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The prototype of the restyled German compact cross was captured during road tests in Northern Europe.

The network got photos of the updated Volkswagen Tiguan 2021. The fact that the German automaker did not spare time and money to upgrade its crossover can be easily explained by the popularity of this model on the market. So, the foreign portal, which publishes pictures of the new product, calls Tiguan “a real cash cow for the VW Group”. There is no traditional protective film with which brands hide the appearance of their car innovations. However, everything is not so simple: Volkswagen nevertheless took care of the “non-obvious” camouflage on the bumpers of a compact crossover. The manufacturer also worked on headlights, which now hide their true upgrade.

 All these precautions did not stop the experts from seeing the new LED optics in the spirit of the Golf Mk8. The taillights will also change, though not so dramatically. In the meantime, Volkswagen makes us think that the new headlights will borrow from the current Tiguan.

  In addition, the updated SUV will receive the latest brand logo and the inscription “TIGUAN” on the tailgate a la T-Cross, T-Roc and Touareg. The compact cross-cabin will also receive its portion of changes: modernized multimedia, the latest security systems, useful driver’s assistants, as well as minor adjustments in the trim and upholstery. There are no details on the Tiguan 2021 engine range yet. It is possible that the crossover may acquire a one and a half liter Golf gasoline engine with soft hybrid technology, a more environmentally friendly two-liter diesel engine, as well as a new hybrid. The debut of the updated Volkswagen Tiguan is expected this year.