Volkswagen tests the “charged” Golf GTI at the Nurburgring

Volkswagen tests the “charged” Golf GTI at the Nurburgring

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The debut of the new generation of the legendary Volkswagen Golf hatchback is only a few weeks away, but we will have to wait until 2020 until the GTI version arrives.

Judging by previously published pictures, the exterior design will be evolutionary. Of course, the Grand Tourer Injection variant will be more attractive due to its sporty body kit, larger wheels and a pair of huge tips on the exhaust pipes.

A camouflaged prototype was spotted while overcoming the Nordschleife, where a Volkswagen test pilot was testing the car to its limits. The Golf GTI looks quicker than ever.

Recall that earlier on the Web there was information that the new GTI would still not be electrified. It was rumored that the German automaker wants to release a hybrid Golf GTI, but the final product will stick to the proven version with a 2.0 TSI engine. The four-stroke turbocharged engine is expected to produce just over 250 hp. power in the basic version, but, of course, there will be several high-performance versions in which the output of the unit will be even higher.

The transmission will be a 6-speed manual transmission or, as an option, a 7-speed robotized DSG. According to the latest Intel data, the soft hybrid system that you will find on younger Golf models will not be implemented in the next GTI, which is likely to lead to weight loss due to fuel economy.

Also, the automaker does not intend to release a three-door modification of its hatchback, as its sales have declined significantly. However, very soon we will learn all the details about the model – the official debut of the eighth generation Volkswagen Golf will be held in October.