Volkswagen tests prototype ID.4 electric crossover

Volkswagen tests prototype ID.4 electric crossover

June 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists were able to capture the prototype of an electric crossover that was heavily disguised as a Kia car. The premiere is expected at the end of the year.

The prototype of the German Volkswagen ID.4 crossover was captured in Germany with a false radiator grille that resembles that of Kia models. It is noteworthy that earlier, the engineers of the German brand disguised ID.4 as Opel.

But it is worth taking a closer look and you can see the closed grille with the brand logo, which is located in the middle. The headlights have similar graphics with the ID.3 electric hatchback. It is expected that the headlights will be interconnected by a thin light stripe.

The sporty profile is emphasized by a chrome trim located directly above the windows, which follows the shape of the roof.

Next we see a wing inspired by ID.3, as well as taillights in a similar style. The rear door has a large “fold” and another chrome strip, and the bumper ends with a diffuser-like element.

Built on the VW MEB modular platform, the base crossover will be equipped with rear-wheel drive and will receive about 200 hp, although a more powerful version should appear later, with two electric motors, four-wheel drive and rumored to be with +300 “horses”. Full specifications for the new crossover have not yet been published, but according to rumors, in one version, Volkswagen ID.4 will offer a range of 500 km (measured according to the WLTP standard).

Despite the coronavirus pandemic that caused all kinds of delays for car manufacturers around the world, we are still waiting for the premiere of ID.4 before the end of the year, followed by the debut of the coupe-shaped version of the nvoinka, test prototypes of which were also noticed by journalists.

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