Volkswagen surprised: concept electric vehicle as a classic buggy

Volkswagen surprised: concept electric vehicle as a classic buggy

January 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Within the framework of the Geneva Motor Show, the German concern will present a new classic buggy. The car will appear in a design resembling a model built on the basis of the old Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen decided not to go the standard way, presenting a new electric platform as a luxury or mass car, and demonstrate the maximum versatility of the new platform. So, at the Geneva Motor Show will be presented a classic buggy on a completely new modular platform with electric drive.

Judging by the preliminary teaser images, the car will get a classic design with a simple interior and maximum permeability along the sandy shores. A feature of the model will be just a demonstration of the scaling and versatility of the platform.

Unfortunately, the company does not yet distribute information about the future characteristics of the model. But earlier, the chief designer of Volkswagen Klaus Bischof spoke of the buggy as a “bunch of electrical energy and a conqueror of sand.”

It is likely that the power reserve will not be very large, but the power, in relation to the mass will be huge. Will the serial version of the buggy – not reported.