Volkswagen spoke about his new pickup Tarok

Volkswagen spoke about his new pickup Tarok

June 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As well as the conceptual pickup presented at the New York Auto Show, the new model of the German brand will be called Volkswagen Tarok. A company representative spoke about plans for a new car.

It was in April of this year, when the guys from Volkswagen showed the concept of a compact pickup truck, which they called Tarok. Then it was said that this prototype of the new car will be offered to Brazilian car enthusiasts. It was reported that he will go into production with little or no change. They also hinted that the car may appear on the car markets of other countries.

Compact pickup Volkswagen Tarok is positioned by the brand as the younger brother of the mid-size Amarok, which has become a very popular model of the German concern.

As part of his recent interview, the vice president of marketing for the German automaker noted that, at present, marketers are very thoroughly researching the automotive markets in different countries. They analyze the necessity and financial soundness of the appearance of the new compact Volkswagen Tarok pickup.

According to him, at present, there are a lot of different pickups from small to really huge on the market as a whole and it will be quite difficult to drive in there. If you take the largest pickup truck market at the moment – the United States, then there are mainly full-size pickups of Ford and General Motors brands. Large pickups of Japanese companies Nissan and Toyota – talking about Titan and Tundra, respectively, did not achieve great popularity. So, if Volkswagen decides to go there, he will offer only compact pickups.