Volkswagen showed the updated Amarok pickup on the teaser

Volkswagen showed the updated Amarok pickup on the teaser

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the German brand published a teaser for the updated version of the Amarok pickup truck. The start of the sale of the medium-sized truck is scheduled for 2022.

The small Nivus crossover is not the only new model that Volkswagen caught a glimpse of during its annual press conference. A teaser for the second generation Amarok pickup truck was shown in the background when the chairman of the German concern, Herbert Diss, said that Amarok would be one of the first fruits of cooperation between the German company Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and the American Ford.

 The two companies announced plans to create a global alliance in January 2019 to collaborate on creating commercial vans and pickups. This means that the second-generation Amarok will be a lot like the new version of the mid-size Ranger pickup truck.

Based on the announcement made by the two brands a little over a year ago, the new pickups will go on sale as early as 2022.

The design sketch demonstrates the muscular appearance of the updated Amarok, although we do not expect the production version to be just as aggressive. Automakers tend to exaggerate many details when they produce sketches, and we have a feeling that the story is the same. The truck is shown with a convex hood, giant wheels, chunky off-road tires and no door handles. All these are signs of an attractive teaser rather than a real car that goes on sale, but it should still give us a pretty good understanding of what to expect from a real truck.

 It is expected that the appearance of the updated Amarok will be similar to the Ford Ranger with its stylish bumper and a large false radiator grille merging with the headlights. Although on a published VW teaser, the pickup only has two doors.