Volkswagen showed a van for the transportation of criminals

Volkswagen showed a van for the transportation of criminals

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Germans have updated the police Transporter for the transport of detainees

The family of Volkswagen Transporter cars of the current generation has been supplemented with a special van for the transportation of criminals. He became more comfortable and more comfortable for the police, which is still not true of the detainees.

The Volkswagen Transporter in the modification for the transport of detainees received a corresponding color graphic scheme, a blue LED beam on the roof, strobe lights in the grille and in the back of the roof, as well as a 100-watt siren and loudspeaker. The conversion of conventional cars into special police versions for VW is carried out by Safeguard SVP from Essex, British county.

The van is equipped with a camera for transporting criminals and provides, according to Volkswagen, “safe transportation of passengers.” Apparently, the manufacturer means police because there is absolutely no comfort in the cell – even plastic seats, which are installed, for example, in American police sedans instead of a back sofa. The compartment is separated from the cabin by gratings and occupies the entire width of the car.

Well, apparently, Volkswagen believes that criminals in custody are not supposed to move around comfortably. In front of the camera for the detainees, a pair of seats is set backwards for forward – for escort officers. Honestly, they also do not look particularly attractive. It seems that full-fledged seats with adjustments and heated in this car are laid only to the driver and front passenger.