Volkswagen showed a new Touareg PHEV with a range of up to 60 km

Volkswagen showed a new Touareg PHEV with a range of up to 60 km

December 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

As part of a modest event in Austria, journalists got acquainted with the new version of the Volkswagen Touareg PHEV. The concern presented a plug-in hybrid with a capacious battery and a power reserve of up to 60 km.

Already in the first half of 2019, the sale of a new version of the Volkswagen Touareg crossover will begin. The flagship model of the concern received the PHEV version with a plug-in hybrid. Several journalists managed to get to know her at a special event in Austria. Unfortunately, the revolutionary technologies did not show us, and the concept of the hybrid installation itself was shown back in 2016 on the Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE model.

A feature of the model was a lithium-ion battery of 18 kWh, located in the trunk. Its capacity is quite enough to provide about 50-60 km of run exclusively on electric. At the heart of the system is a 2.0-liter TSI turbo engine capable of developing up to 230 horsepower. The automatic transmission on nine steps, in which an electric motor for 130 forces was integrated, works in tandem with it. The total power of the car is now 367 horses and 700 Nm of torque.

The cost of new items is not reported. Sales will begin first in China, but in the second half of next year it will be available in Europe. Will appear whether the Volkswagen Touareg PHEV in Russia is not reported.