Volkswagen showed a naked but fully functional framework of the new Golf

Volkswagen showed a naked but fully functional framework of the new Golf

May 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Already in June 2019, the IdeenExpo will be held at the Hannover Exhibition Center. The event is designed to talk about the latest technologies and achievements in a non-trivial way for children, teenagers and adults.

Volkswagen is preparing to take part in the annual exhibition IdeenExpo. The event traditionally takes place in the first month of summer, and deservedly received the nickname of “the best school cabinet.” The German concern is going to demonstrate the platform of the new VW Golf without body parts and inner lining. The exposition will be presented as an educational material.

The project is called eGon, the trimmed Golf has almost no body panels, except for those that are necessary to maintain the frame itself. Moreover, the model is fully functional and able to move independently. It is likely that the model will become the main attraction of the exhibition.

According to the German automaker, eGon was developed by a team of professional interns currently working at Volkswagen. “I am participating in such projects for the first time, and I learned a lot. The eGon model is very complex and requires a lot of different skills, ”said a statement from Justin Paush, an automotive mechatronics intern.

IdeenExpo will open its doors from 15 to 23 June. Also in the exhibition will take a huge number of companies and institutions.