Volkswagen showed a modular platform for electric vehicles

Volkswagen showed a modular platform for electric vehicles

September 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The platform MEB will form the basis for models of different classes and sizes

Volkswagen Company presented a serial version of the modular platform MEB (Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukasten) for electric vehicles. Architecture will form the basis of models of different classes and sizes, for which it will also be possible to change the size, and hence the capacity of the traction battery.

In the MEB, the battery pack is located under the floor. It consists of individual cells, which are assembled into modules of the required size. The manufacturer promises that it will be possible to charge the battery up to 80 percent in half an hour. Also for electric car buyers, Volkswagen Wallbox’s proprietary Volkswagen Wallbox charge of 11 kilowatts will be available – it can be used to charge the electric car in eight hours.

The first model, built on the modular platform MEB, will be the hatchback I.D. The design of the model will be almost identical to the concept car presented in 2016. The electric motor will be driven by a traction motor mounted on the rear axle. In the front of the machine will be housed a high-voltage electrical heating system, a charger and a radiator cooling system.

All models of the I.D. family are planned to be equipped with projection displays instead of the traditional instrument panel, holographic control system, the function of updating the internal software “by air”, supporting the communication standards 4G and 5G.

By 2020 Volkswagen intends to sell 150 thousand electric cars. The volume of production of ID models should be 550,000 a year. Until 2022, the brands belonging to the Volkswagen Group will present 27 models on the MEB platform. Investments for the modernization of production will amount to six billion euros.