Volkswagen sells one Golf every 41 seconds for 45 years in a row

Volkswagen sells one Golf every 41 seconds for 45 years in a row

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In late March 1974, Volkswagen launched the first generation of the Golf model, which was developed as a replacement for the iconic Beetle. The model received instant success among buyers, and in 1976 the automaker sold its millionth Golf.

Volkswagen notes that Golf has become the heart of the brand, and has made a big impact on a whole generation of people. At the same time, Volkswagen reported statistics that, on average, the new Golf is bought every 41 seconds without interruption for 45 consecutive years, and in total more than 35 million units have already been sold.

The original first Golf made its debut in two-and four-door versions, and the range of engines included the base 1.1-liter 4-cylinder with 49 horsepower and 1.5-liter 4-cylinder with 69 horses. The motors worked as a pair with a standard 4-step mechanics, and with a 3-speed automatic.

This year, Volkswagen will introduce the eighth generation Golf. It is reported that the new hatchback will debut at a special event a few weeks after the Frankfurt auto show this fall, with advanced semi-autonomous driving systems.