Volkswagen says Nurburgring’s reputation is overrated

Volkswagen says Nurburgring’s reputation is overrated

May 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen Technical Director Matthias Rabe said the Nürburgring’s “Northern Loop” reputation as the best test site for driving performance is overrated. According to him, for ordinary cars other qualities are more important.

Matthias Rabe substantiated his point of view in a conversation with the British Autocar: according to the technical director of Volkswagen, it is not the Nurburgring itself that is important for testing “civilian” cars, but the totality of the highway and country roads leading to it.

Developing his idea, Rabe made it clear that during the refinement of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI, it was important for engineers not so much to make the car fast on the track, but to build a balanced hatchback, “on which it would be nice to drive home from Nurburgring.”

However, for the refinement of sports cars, racing cars and some special versions of the Nurburgring there are still not many alternatives and Volkswagen recognizes this.

For example, four years ago, the German brand used the Nordschleife as a guideline for the serial Golf GTI Clubsport S hot hatch – the model became the fastest front-wheel drive car on the Nurburgring. In addition, the North Loop is used to demonstrate the capabilities of the ID.R. electric sport prototype.