Volkswagen says it will build 15 million electric cars

Volkswagen says it will build 15 million electric cars

December 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen is very serious about its new electric development vector, and recently announced that it can build up to 15 million cars on its new MEB platform, designed specifically for this purpose.

Of course, companies are planning substantial costs to launch a new line of electric models, and Volkswagen is ready to go for it, having planned $ 12.5 billion of investments in electrification and autonomous technologies. Of these, 10 billion will be directed to a new line of electric vehicles.

Actually, on the MEB platform, Volkswagen plans to assemble three electric models, the first of which is a hatchback of a golf class I.D. The Vizzion should appear as early as next year, and will be designed to fight Tesla Model 3, and its price tag will roughly correspond to the current price of diesel Golf.

Following the hatchback is planned to release a compact electric crossover I.D. Crozz, and in the beginning of 2021 a serial model of the I.D. minibus is expected. Buzz, which will have a range of mileage on a single charge of up to 550 kilometers.

Note that the MEB platform will be offered with two different wheelbase options, but should provide almost perfect weight distribution along the axes (close to 50:50). The platform will store the battery pack in the floor pan, and in the standard version will be offered with rear wheel drive. Four-wheel drive may also be available, but as an option.