Volkswagen revealed new crossovers Atlas Cross Sport and Atlas Tanoak

Volkswagen revealed new crossovers Atlas Cross Sport and Atlas Tanoak

August 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

From today, the opening of the Elegance Competition in Pebble Beach was held. And already now there is more and more information about the presented novelties. Now it became available information about two new products from Volkswagen – new versions of the crossovers Atlas Cross Sport and Tanoak.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is a serial version of the conceptual version of the Atlas Hybrid. Production of the car will be established already in 2019, and will begin in parallel with the release of the seven-seater version of Atlas. The crossover plant will be manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A distinctive feature of the car will be a coupe-like body, featuring a design from the standard version only in the rear. As a power unit will use a modern plug-in hybrid system with a total capacity of up to 360 horsepower, the battery capacity will be sufficient for a run of 42 km. A hybrid hybrid system with a capacity of up to 314 forces will also be available.

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak is a new pickup truck built on the basis of a modern crossover. The car, in addition to the cargo body, received a gasoline engine with a power of up to 280 horsepower. But the peculiarity of the car was not the body or the motor, but the first in the history of the company pickup, created on the basis of the modular platform MQB. It is still unknown whether the new pickup will be produced serially.

The overall length of the pickup truck was 5436 mm, which is 381 mm longer than the Atlas. The width of the car exceeded two meters, and its height is 1829 mm. The size of the wheelbase increased by 280 mm – up to 3251 mm.

It is worth noting that Volkswagen Atlas is a new model of the German concern, which differs from the company’s entire line with the concept of a simple design, and an emphasis on practicality, combined with relatively low cost.