Volkswagen released an emotional farewell video with Beetle

Volkswagen released an emotional farewell video with Beetle

January 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The latest instance of the world’s most popular model came off the assembly line in July 2019. But only on New Year’s Eve, the brand decided to present an official video.

The network presented a short animated film called “The Last Mile.” This is a farewell gift from Volkswagen for your favorite Beetle. In fact, it marked a whole era of popularization of the automotive industry and the automobiles themselves in Europe, becoming the most popular model in the world.

In the cartoon we are offered to follow the life of a little boy and his main life events. It all starts with the fact that the boy’s father first showed the Volkswagen Beetle. After a while, the boy learns to drive in the same car, then he grows up, falls in love, has a family, children. Then he watches as the family continues to grow until he is old, and the Beetle leaves him, flying away to the sky.

 It is worth noting that the short film uses the composition “Let it Be” by the group “Beetles” performed by the Pro Musica Youth Choir.

 Scott Keogh, president and chief executive officer of the Volkswagen Group of America, said: “Although it’s time to say goodbye, we will not forget the role he played.”