Volkswagen refuses internal combustion engines

Volkswagen refuses internal combustion engines

December 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German corporation Volkswagen is gradually abandoning the classic ICE, the first step was the transition of the sports division of the brand to electric traction.

All racing models from Volkswagen Motorsport are now electrified. By this, the manufacturer pursues 2 goals, firstly, advanced technologies will be tested before launching into the “series”, and secondly, advertising goals, since society needs to be prepared in advance for the era of electric cars.

Volkswagen announced its refusal to participate in the WRC World Rally Championships and the WTCC passenger car racing circuit. Volkswagen Motorsport’s division focuses on electric car racing in Pikes Peak (USA), Nurburgring (Germany), Goodwood (UK) and Tianmen (China).

The only model with a gasoline ICE that the sports division of the brand will produce for a certain period of time is the rally Polo GTI R5, while the production of the civilian Golf GTI TCR model will cease.

Recently there was information that in 2026 Volkswagen will show the latest generation of internal combustion engines in history, then switch to electric motors.