Volkswagen recalls old Jetta due to engine bolts

Volkswagen recalls old Jetta due to engine bolts

October 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen has announced a recall campaign for its Jetta cars in the US.

Recently it became known that the German automaker launched a revocable campaign of its Volkswagen Jetta cars, produced between June 18, 2015 and December 9, 2017. The recall was due to improperly tightened fuel rail bolts, which can loosen over time, leading to a fire.

A total of 218,192 vehicles take part in the campaign. The owners of such cars were advised to be more careful with the cars and stop using it if there is an obvious fuel leak. There are currently no reported accidents due to fuel leaks.

The recall campaign will begin on December 20th. Until that time, the owners of the above vehicles will receive an official notification of the need to visit the nearest Volkswagen service center. All work on replacing the bolts, and, if necessary, the fuel rail, will be at the expense of the manufacturer.