Volkswagen recalls 33 new Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport in the US

Volkswagen recalls 33 new Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport in the US

August 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

In the latest recall of some 2021 Atlas and 2021 Atlas Cross Sport SUVs in the US, Volkswagen blames Mexican component manufacturer Draexlmaier Partes Automotrices.

The problem is a potentially faulty relay in the under-hood fuse box that has reportedly been potentially damaged. A defective part can cause a narrowing of the gap between the electrical contacts of the relay, potentially causing inadvertent electrical contact within the relay and inadvertent actuation of vehicle components. This is reported by NHTSA in the Official Gazette.

Much less often, according to the safety agency, a malfunction occurs where the beep can turn on by itself and can sound continuously. If the owner does not detect this, the problem may increase the risk of fire due to overheating. Volkswagen appears to be aware of several malfunctions that were first discovered on the assembly line last month but does not elaborate on whether the malfunction caused a fire in the 33 vehicles included in this safety review.

The Atlas SUVs in question were built on July 21-22, 2021, and the Cross Sport on July 22. All of them will be checked by authorized specialists of the company, who will replace the relay in the fuse panel in the engine compartment free of charge. Since the SUVs are covered by a factory warranty, a refund plan will not be offered as part of the recall, which is expected to start in October. Dealers and owners will be notified on October 5 or earlier, security said.

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