Volkswagen promised “folk” electric cars with power reserve up to 550 km

Volkswagen promised “folk” electric cars with power reserve up to 550 km

September 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Soon, competition in the segment of electrified and fully electric cars will reach a new level. Volkswagen is going to take a leading position here and promised to produce “people’s” electric cars with a power reserve of more than 500 km.

It’s no secret that the German auto giant Volkswagen is preparing a line of electric cars I.D. Cars will be built on a completely new platform, designed specifically for electric cars, but now the concern for the first time shared some details of the future chassis. And we can already expect that soon there will be a mass of affordable, and really common electric cars.

According to the company itself, the new platform is scalable in a wide range. Therefore, it will allow building both small hatchbacks and full-size crossovers. And VW is going to occupy all common segments with its own models from the future line I.D. And even recently, an all-metal van was shown on electric traction.

A feature of all models will be short overhangs, and an elongated base due to the lack of a conventional ICE. This will significantly increase the space in the cabin, both for drivers and passengers.

The design feature will be an electric motor integrated in the axle of the car, which will significantly save space in the car. Rechargeable batteries will accept the already familiar placement under the floor, and provide a range of 350 to 550 km of travel on a full charge, depending on the model and configuration.

Among other things, the platform will later become the basis for electric models from the brands that make up the Volkswagen Group. So, Audi, Skoda and Seat will produce passenger electric cars, and the “cargo” division of VW – light commercial vehicles. According to the initial plans, it is planned to produce at least 10 million vehicles on a new platform, and only then will a new platform be introduced or developed.

I.D. – an important stage in the history of technology development. It will be the first electric vehicle suitable for a full-fledged daily operation that millions of people can afford, ” – said Christian Zenger, head of the mass production department for electrical mobility solutions at Volkswagen.

The first serial electric car from the line I.D. will appear only in 2020.